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Food safety and testing

All products developed and manufactured by Fabrikators are subject to continuous supervision and control and are in accordance with prevailing food safety regulations within Denmark and the EU.

Caring about the environment

At Fabrikator, the environment has a hight priority and we always take environmental concerns into consideration when developing new products.

Social code of conduct

All our main manufacturers outside the EU have signed the BSCI 2006 Social Code of Conduct.
At Fabrikators, we work actively to maintain work ethics above business standards.


  • Universal – will fit most of your pots (up to 22 cm/8.75″ diameter).
  • Reduces over boiling – intelligent groove system will let out just the right amount of excess steam.
  • Has an integrated strainer – draining a pot has never been easier or safer, just grab your pot or pan and pour.
  • Does not transfer heat – even when boiling for extended amount of time the OneLid handle stays cool to the touch.
  • Makes no sound – soft on the outside – yet sturdy on the inside makes for safe handling and silent operation.
  • Danish Design at its best – we are pretty proud to have fit all these features into a design this modern, sophisticated and elegant.
  • Is dishwasher safe – naturally…


Size – having trouble finding a lid to fit?

Not to mention the cacophony of noisy metal striking metal when desperately trying to find the right lid inside your kitchen cabinet? OneLid offers 4 ingenious features combined with great modern design in one elegant lid that will fit all your existing pots (up to 22cm/8.75″)

Ever experienced boiling over?

Depending on what you’re cooking, every pot will tend to over boil if you turn up the heat to high. The bigger the pot – the more steam is let out. OneLid greatly reduces this tendency by letting out just the right amount of excess steam. The intelligently designed grooves on the underside of OneLid are shaped to match the size of pot and release just the right amount of steam to prevent over-boiling.

And you know the moisture that drips from your current lids onto the stovetop? OneLids patented convex underside ensures the drops that form will run back into your pot, so your stovetop stays cleaner.

Draining – no more burned fingers or spilled pasta in your sink

Tired of burning your fingers on metal/glass lids during cooking or while pouring? Ever tried sliding your conventional lid a little to the side allowing that boiling water to drain, but ended up soaking your potholders and getting peas and pasta into the sink? Yeah – who hasn’t!

Well no more. Because of the unique air-vents doubling as strainer (draining) holes, you now have trouble-free draining. OneLids silicone surface ensures great friction against the pot so your OneLid will stay centered and safe – even when held vertically. Your peas and pasta will remain in the pot where they belong.

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