Ideas for sustainable kitchen innovations.

The conceptual idea of OneCopenhagen was spawned in the wake of a successful crowdfunding campaign, a close to unhealthy ambition to challenge kitchen tools of today and probably a to-generous part of Carlsbergs

In short
Make One better
One by one

Trying to perfect practical using an open mind,- a clean slate

Engineering, designing, using, testing, thinking, testing again, re-thinking, re-testing,re-designing…
Look into material, composition, environment, colors, surfaces, icons, shapes, functions, durability, cleanability, style, fasion, trends, ideas, innovations, ….

Our first project was an attempt to rework and improve something as ordinary as a conventional pot lid. Looking at the products available we could not really see the task of creating a perfect lid being done.

Turned out to be a bit of a marathon to bring our desk top ideas into a real product but finally after years of work OneLid saw the light of day in August 2017, – and the new comer glass version in the making looks like promising 2.0

The next projects are in the pipe.. its about coffee making and grating.. so keep updated and sign up for the newsletter here.

Should you feel that you have ONE great idea that could fit our range we will be happy to here from you. Its easy.

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