Fabrikators is open source development. We live by the “share care and dare” model. Engaging a lot of people in the process of getting things right is what we do. Friends, foods and family as welll as our large network of specialists.

We are not specialists ourselves. We just know a little about a lot. At the same time we have some solid connections to key buyers around the world that helps us pick products that could actually work in the market place. As well as insights on prototypes, prices, production, promotion, point of sale, pr and alot of other good p’s you need to know about.

If you have a great idea – a great design (and have done heavy Googling in 7 languages), tell us about it and we will assist you in finding what we believe would be the best path.

Is there a risk of copying? Yes, there is. But the risk of you dying from choking on your morning cereal is probably higher.

We have learned that great inventions can come from anyone so you could be the next to find one.

All it takes is 30 minutes and a cup of coffee.