OneLid Glass Black

What is the diameter of OneLid?

23 cm diameter. We have chosen this as this covers most of the usual pots families use while cooking.
(upto a 4 L pot) So if you need something bigger and make soup for 20 people sorry we cant help you this time around. If we get the first version funded – we might look into making OneLidXL

What material is OneLid made of?

OneLid plate is made of silicone with a nylon core.
That is why the lid is soft and will be quiet during handling.
The handle is made of high grade ABS
(the glass version will have a 3 mm heat resistant glass embedded in silicone)

Can OneLid go into my dish washer machine?

Yes sure. All lids are 100 % dish washer safe

Can OneLid go into the microwave?

No – not recommended

Will the vent function not slow down the boiling process?

No, your boiling will be exactly the same as before. Steam will also come out of a conventional lid. The overpressure created in a normal lid will also find its way – just in a very un controlled manner.
The fact that the lid does not transfer heat as glass and steel will reduce power consumption.

Where are the products made?

The lids are currently made in south China – but managed thru a highly sophisticated Hong Kong production company making products for famous brands like Chef’n, OXO, Starbucks and many many more. All materials are food approved of course.

Can we use the lid on a gas stove?

Not really recommendable.
Flames sometimes run up the side of the pot and might be to much for the silicone.
So use only on normal stove, ceramic and induction.
We will test the issue further later.

Is the lid materials safe?