What our users on Kickstarter say

Dave Dowdy, USA

Thank you for the OneGrounds bonus to give to a friend. I gave it to them and they are really impressed as well.

Bryan C, USA

I did my Onegrounds and I have been happily using them every morning.
Thanks so much

Earhya Skelton, USA 

Hi One Copenhagen
I got the One-Grounds and the’re great ! – Thank you

Hope Lewellen 

Finally had the opportunity to give my lid a real try. Worked great! Made things so much easier. I needed to drain some water from my potatoes so I could mash them and it made the whole process so easy. Glad I grabbed 2! Good job.


Hi Peter,

This is to confirm that this morning I received my 2 units of the Universal Lid. All is in order now and thank you so much for your kind assistance.

Already used it for my lunch. Great lid.


Marcia Truslow

You had me with the free flying elephant cartoon… I believe most people who write less than encouraging comments have never been involved with a start-up. I remember walking around our dining room table when I was about 12, picking up pages for dozens upon dozens of brochures. Yes, I had to collate them. My parents dumped all their time, energy and money into a start-up. For years I thought the business would fail, money would run out, and my folks would get divorced. The upshot is that the business is over 70 years old now with a third generation running it. So, NEVER give up a great idea. Yours is just that. I’m sorry your customers are discouraged. I ordered my glass lid understanding the upsets and delays and production problems that can, do, and probably will occur. Am I discouraged? Not at all. I believe in innovation and the value of that. OneLid is the epitome of that. So take heart, delays happen for a reason if only to give more of us patience, especially with the creators of these lids.

Simon Donkers

Received mine last week in the Netherlands. Cooked with them the last few days and they are very nice, function exactly as intended. Happy to have them.
The timeline and especially the communication about the status leaves a lot to be desired, but you’ve made a good product that I would recommend if it’s in shops directly available.


Coming back to say that I absolutely love the glass lids. Had them for a few months now.

Pat Tabb , USA

Yes I have! And it works great, just as advertised. Thanks so much!

Chad Rickman, USA

Hi Lars, I apologise for the late reply. I did receive them!

I appreciate you following up and I also apologise for not following up.

Thank you for the wonderful product!


Received my OneLid just now (Orlando, FL, USA) and it’s beautiful. Pleasing to look at, comfortable to hold, and wonderfully made. I can’t wait to use it!

Elizabeth Taylor 

I received my three lids yesterday, here in Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada. Love them. I have used one twice already and it is great. It was a wait but worth it. Thanks,

Daunell Jean Barton 

Just got mine, they’re fabulous! Thanks so much for taking the time to get them just right 🙂

Elizabeth Tayloron

I received my three lids yesterday, here in Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada. Love them. I have used one twice already and it is great. It was a wait but worth it. Thanks,

Billy MN

Dear Sonne & Vantore, have had the onelid for a while and we love it. It does everything it claims and I am now the flavour of the month with my wife. Where can I buy more? I live in the UK and obviously want the best price for me and most profit for you.


Andreas Wolter

My 2 glass lids arrived yesterday. They look great and I am excited to use them.

Barbara Levick

I know this campaign has taken a really long time to ship, but for those who still haven’t received their lids I can say that it will be worth the wait. I received my two lids in Tamworth Australia and they are exactly as promised and I’m using them constantly. My saucepans (Scanpan) won’t let me boil things like rice or pasta with the lid slightly off, but the Onelid allows a little bit of steam to escape. The draining function works beautifully – the only problem I have had is with very fine noodles. I hope everyone receives their lids soon and enjoys them as much as I do.

Reviews on Amazon

  A dream to use with cast iron

This is the greatest universal lid you’ll ever see, and you’ll get your money’s worth the first time you use it (get the see-through lid, it’s worth it). Easy to clean, lightweight, and the it’s never too hot to handle.

When grilling a burger patty with my cast-iron skillet, this lid traps the perfect amount of heat and moisture for an even cook. For soups, the ridged vents help prevent boil-overs (here’s where the see-through lid is mandatory) and for pasta, they make for a lovely pour-off of the water.

If/when they make a larger size, I’ll buy that one too for my larger and oversized cast iron skillets and pots and give it the same glowing review. Support my fellow Danes and buy this – the cooking experience is made all the better by having practical, useful, beautiful equipment and One Copenhagen has made this excellent piece worthy of being in your kitchen, every kitchen!

Works great

We purchased this lid to use while camping. It is a little heavier than I expected, but it takes up less space than both a metal or glass lid and strainer. We used it when making spaghetti and it did a great job of draining the water off the pasta once it was cooked. Cleans up easily and is heat resistant. Would highly recommend.

It really is The One

Great lids! We got one from when the company started this product on Kickstarter years ago, and recently had to get a new one after we accidentally put the lid on a stove burner. The versatility of this is great and it was a no brained to get a second time when we broke the first.

High quality, great design

Really glad I chose this higher quality universal lid instead of any one of the dozen cheap made-in-China options floating around out there. This one is designed in Denmark, and the dual venting/steam-release feature is both clever and convenient. It’s perfect for my nonstick frying pan that has rolled edges I want to keep from getting scratched up by metal. I chose the one with the glass center for convenient viewing of food as it cooks. Helps a little, even when the view is obscured by steam, which is unavoidable. Really happy with this lid. If they made a larger version for 10 or 12″ pans, I’d buy that one too!

Love the versatility!

I originally got it because I’m missing a lid on one of my pots (i dropped it and it broke). So it fixed that issue. But I like the fact that it fits on any pot and it doubles as a strainer. Just makes things easy.


Great versatility

Use for various pot sizes without the need to find the “right” lid. Very versatile.


Works great!

Works with different sizes perfectly and easy to clean.