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Add your grinded coffee into the OneGrounds-cup, insert it into the carafe, fill with hot water and enjoy your coffee. When done press down the plunger and pull up the cup. Empty and clean the cup, so it is ready to use again.

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OneGorunds is a French press coffee grounds collector. The perfect solution to you who loves French press coffee, but don’t like all the mess it makes.

No more mess with your French press.

You love coffee and you love coffee from your French press even more. The exquisite aroma and vision of the coffee oils floating to the top makes coffee aficionados the world over prefer to press and pour. Nevertheless, many coffee drinkers have set their French press aside to avoid the mess that comes with cleaning. It consumes more time, smudges your sink, clogs your drain and requires a lot of tap water or kitchen parer to clean up the presses messes.

OneGrounds is a brilliantly simple “cup” that collects your grounds for easy disposal while keeping your carafe clean. We have developed the ideal receptacle for your grounds that automatically fastens to the plunger. To empty it, just pull it from the carafe and clean it. OneGrounds saves you time, effort, water, and eliminates clogging of your drain. Just shake your grounds out from the cup to your trash bin or save the grounds for later use.

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