OneLid Black

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The world’s first truly universal multifunction lid that actually looks good and works like a dream. Once you try this – we promise you’ll never want to go back to using your old lids. Well maybe for drumming that is…



OneLid was originally spawned by the ambition to make a lid that would minimize the risk of over boiling – but along the way we learned there were so many more annoying things related to the regular lids we use, like finding a lid that fits, burning hands and difficulties draining.

Meet OneLid

The only lid that is :

Universal – will fit most of your pots (up to 22 cm/8.75″ diameter).

Reduces over boiling – intelligent groove system will let out just the right amount of excess steam.

Has an integrated strainer – draining a pot has never been easier or safer, just grab your pot or pan and pour.

Does not transfer heat – even when boiling for extended amount of time the OneLid handle stays cool to the touch.

Makes no sound – soft on the outside – yet sturdy on the inside makes for safe handling and silent operation.

Danish Design at its best – we are pretty proud to have fit all these features into a design this modern, sophisticated and elegant.

Is dishwasher safe – naturally…

So, if you are like us, and would like to get your hands on one of the first OneLids, please sign up – and we will do our utmost to make your cooking experience easier, safer and more enjoyable for years to come. For a little more in-depth knowledge – please read on…

Additional information

Weight 0,55 kg
Dimensions 25 × 24 × 5 cm


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