OneScrape 2 pack – Black

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OneScrape is a handy and flexible sink scraper that will get into every corner of your sink and at the same time drain your waste before you discharge. Great not only to save your kitchen tissue but also ideal to separate and sort all your bio waste.

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OneScrape is a handy and flexible sink scraper that will help you quickly grab and drain your waste before you put it in the bin. Save the environment by saving paper towels and plastic bags.

This practical kitchen scraper is just as essential as your dish brush. It is a quick, convenient and hygienic way to sort your bio-waste. OneScrape is easy to store in your sink with the smart integrated suction cup – always ready at hand whenever you need to use it.

It is the famous Danish actor Nicolaj Kopernikus who is behind this invention and design.


Why sort your organic waste?
All organic waste is potential energy. When sorting our food waste such as peels, dried bread, coffee grounds, leftovers, etc. from other residual waste we could potentially reduce CO2 emission by 3 %. The waste can be made into bio-gas and fertilizer for farm fields. You can use bio-gas in a oli burner instead of oli or naturegas. Even some types of vehicles and ferries can use bio-gas instead of petrol.

So make your waste into energy with OneScrape – get it sorted.


See how easy it is in this video

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