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Scrubbing gloves are a new kitchen trend that makes it easy and fun to clean vegetables, fruits, fish and other foods, and cleaning out pumpkins. The gloves provide a solid grip and perfect scrubbing and cleaning ability. Scrub with water.

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OneScrub is the ideal gloves for cleaning any type of vegetables such as new potatoes, carrots, beet roots, mushrooms, etc. They are practical, safe and efficient. Cooking is all about quality and these gloves will give you an experience of that. The gloves makes it easier to hold and have a good grip on the vegetables when scrubbing.

When using a peeler you loose most of the vitamins under the skin. With OneScrub you can save up to 50% of vitamins and minerals when using the gloves instead of a peeler.

OneScrub comes as onesize so they fit everyone.
Keep the gloves clean by putting them in the dishwasher after use.

With more than 3 million pairs sold worldwide in 30+ countries these efficient scrubbing gloves has become an integral part of many homes.


See how easy they are to use in this video.

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