The background

The initial idea behind ONELID was spawned by professional chef, and ONELID co-creator, Sylvester Vantore. He observed how chefs would use tin foil as a substitute for the right size pot lid. This simple technique furthermore had the adjustability to let out just the right amount of excess steam in order to reduce over-boiling. Although functional, it’s not very practical nor pretty. Understanding that there must be a better way, Sylvester eventually came up with the idea of an oversized lid (to fit varying pot sizes) designed with under-lid grooves to allow excess steam to escape.

Sylvester brought this discovery to the attention of prominent Danish designer, Martin Sonne. Martin eagerly took up the challenge to make the ‘perfect lid’. From that point on, the lid began to evolve, but it would be years before the form and function were perfected.


We knew we had to let out just enough steam to minimize the risk of over boiling without wasting energy so we added some more grooves and came up with the ‘swing’ to the channels so the vent holes ‘adjusts’ to the diameter of the pot. Small pot, small holes – larger pot, larger holes. It was only during early tests that we discovered that the vent holes provided the perfect effect for straining. And again – the bigger the pot the faster the water is let out so it was a win-win.

We also came up with the now patented convex underside in order for the lid to fit multiple pot sizes. This had added benefits too: The lid will ‘automatically’ center on any pot and stay securely in place – and it takes very little effort to hold while pouring because it more or less ‘hangs’ from the friction created by the silicone. The condensed steam forming on the underside of the lid will flow back into the pot and not onto your stove top.

Even though it didn’t exactly made things easier, requiring the silicone surface was a big priority. The benefits are many: 260 °C (500 °F) heat resistance, non-stick easy clean-up, non-toxic, and very resistant to microbiological growth. Add to that, ONELID makes a fashion statement in any kitchen. It not only looks and feels great, ONELID provides exceptional ergonomics, because the friction created when the lid is on the pot is far superior to metal. You’ll immediately feel the difference when you handle the pot – the lid just stays more securely in place.


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